15 Days Left to Win $20K for Your Pet Care Startup: What to Know

Have an innovative pet care startup? The application window for the 2021 Pet Care Innovation Prize is closing in 15 days – here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s easier than ever to apply for the PCIP – the application process is simpler and takes less time – important for busy entrepreneurs.
  • The prize is adapting to the reality of current travel restrictions – while past winners traveled at PCIP expense to major industry locations and events several times, the offering will be adapted to offer the same value while complying with current restrictions.
  • Get your questions answered – see our FAQ to answer your questions and learn all about how to apply and improve your chances of winning at free webinars on September 16 and September 23.

Have a startup in pet care? Apply now to the Pet Care Innovation Prize to win up to $20K in no-strings-attached cash, business support, industry visibility, and membership in a network of high potential pet care startup peers.