2020 Pet Care Startup Opportunity Events

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Startups need recognition – and their supporters and investors need to understand the opportunity they’re addressing.

Are you one of the hundreds of startups addressing the opportunities the $90B pet care industry presents? Are you planning your startup? Do you invest in or support these startups?

Pet care is a great place for entrepreneurs and innovators – with opportunities in tech, food, scalable services, health and wellness — and more.

Join us in one of three free virtual participatory sessions for pet care startups as we explore the opportunities and the startups addressing them.

Choose a free virtual event in one or more emerging areas:

Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness – July 15 – Watch Event Recording

Not Just Nutrition – July 29 – Video Coming Soon!

Digital Transformation of Pet Care – August 12 – Video Coming Soon!

Keep reading for more details on all these interactive events.

Have a pet care startup but can’t attend any of those events? See below on how you can share your startup with the broader ecosystem.

Get recognition for your startup

A first look at the Opportunity Map – before we add all the amazing startups active in 2020 – we’ll be creating with startups in these participatory workshops. When complete, we’ll share it with the larger industry, giving the startups valuable recognition.

Startups, investors, and the people interacting with them use market maps to identify all the startups in a space, make sense of a space, and show how they relate to others.

The pet care industry has startups in pettech, wellness, service platforms, nutrition companies, health and more. Many of these startups are doing great work but don’t get to show how they fit into a larger ecosystem and the opportunities they’re addressing. That’s why the Pet Care Innovation Network and Pet Care Innovation Prize are helping build Opportunity Maps in three participatory events for startups and innovators in pet care:

Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness

It takes a village to care for our pets, and the more easy it is for everyone to be involved, the better for pets, people and pet businesses.

Not Just Nutrition

Pet nutrition is evolving with expectations around functional results, sustainability, ethics, transparency, and customization driving opportunities for innovative startups.

Digital Transformation of Pet Care

Today’s pet parent expects to engage with e-commerce, orders online and picks up curbside, uses digital devices, books services online, and more to care for their pets.

Register here: Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness – July 15Not Just Nutrition – July 29Digital Transformation of Pet Care – August 12

Keep reading for more on the interactive format and content for these free virtual events.

Dive deeper into opportunities for pet care startups

At each event, entrepreneurs and industry experts will dive deeper into these emerging areas:

Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness

    • What emerging companies are enabling pet-friendly community?
    • Who is succeeding with virtual/telehealth and digital pet services?
    • What pet care startups are best serving the Latinx, Black, and Asian American demographics where pet ownership is growing the fastest?

Not Just Nutrition

    • Who is producing customized or personalized nutrition?
    • What opportunities are there in pet nutrition products and services that are sustainable, ethical, and transparent?
    • How can startups innovate with functional and preventative nutrition, ingredients and services?

Digital Transformation of Pet Life

    • What startups are innovating with DTC and digital sales channels?
    • Who is helping make a digital pet/household lifestyle possible?
    • What startups are using home testing to deliver personalized products or services for pet households?
    • What startups in pet care are helping pet care companies develop a digital sales/marketing funnel?

Register here: Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness – July 15Not Just Nutrition – July 29Digital Transformation of Pet Care – August 12

Participate, learn and network

These won’t be boring webinars of talking heads droning on and on. We’ll have pet industry experts you can interact with, breakouts for you to share your ideas and companies, speed networking, and more. Scheduled presenters include:

James Bello – Shameless Pets

Ainsley Bone DVM MBA – Purina

Bill Broun – Purina / 9 Square Ventures

Shea Cox – PetHospice

Dustin McAdams – PupJoy

Blair Morgan – Purina / 9 Square Ventures

David Narkiewicz – Purina / 9 Square Ventures

Lauren Pagliughi DVM – Purina

Cherice Roth –

Sean Simpson – Nielsen

Brian Taylor – The Pup Relief Fund

Stephen Wurth – Purina

The interactive agenda for each 90 minute session includes:

  • Kickoff from Purina’s 9Square Ventures
  • Survey Results on Opportunity Areas
  • Panelist Discussion
  • Breakouts to Brainstorm Opportunities and the Startups Addressing Them
  • Speed Networking with Founders and Presenters

Register here: Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness – July 15Not Just Nutrition – July 29Digital Transformation of Pet Care – August 12

Join us for one of these free virtual events. If you can’t join us but have a startup you’d like included in the maps, use the registration link to tell us all about it.

Register here: Collaborative Pet Care & Wellness – July 15Not Just Nutrition – July 29Digital Transformation of Pet Care – August 12