Bay Area Pet Care Startup Event – May 22, 2019

The PCIP is hitting the road to highlight emerging pet care innovation in cities across the US. In each city, innovative pet care startups will be featured and experts from in the industry will answer questions about how entrepreneurs passionate about pets can profit and scale up what they’re doing.

Why? Whether at trade shows, at in-market events, or just in bringing past PCIP winners together, we’ve seen that pet care entrepreneurs benefit from spending time with each other and industry influencers that want to see them succeed.

Event Details:

Pet Care Startups: Bay Area – click here to register

6-8:30pm Wednesday May 22, 2019

IndieBio, 479 Jessie St., San Francisco, CA 94103


Promotional Partner:
Special thanks to Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App for helping the Pet Care Innovation Prize spread the word about the opportunities for startups in the $80 Billion pet care industry.


6-7pm – Networking and Showcase of Bay Area Pet Care Startups

There’s a lot going on in the Bay Area pet care startup space. Past winners of the Pet Care Innovation Prize like Obe and AnimalBiome are here, as are many members of the Pet Care Innovation Network and many more.  Some of the startups you might want to get to know include:

  • DogLog – DogLog is a free and easy-to-use pet care app that simplifies pet ownership. It helps dog owners track their pet’s health, coordinates daily pet-related tasks, and reminds everyone when it’s time to give medicine or go to the vet.
  • GotYu – First health monitoring microchip implant for pets that measures temperature, pulse, ECG & has RFID tag. It remotely charges with a breakthrough technology via any smartphone.
  • Okava Pharmaceuticals – Okava Pharmaceuticals develops life saving medicines for dogs & cats.
  • Puppy Mama – Puppy Mama is leveraging technology to deliver community and convenience to dog moms around the world so that they may live a more connected, and joyful pet-friendly lifestyle.
  • v-dog – V-dog makes food and treats for dogs totally from plants. By leaving out the animal products and packing in plant-powered ingredients, we remove the need for factory farming and slaughter, and lower our dog customers’ carbon pawprints.
  • Wayzn – Wayzn provides freedom to people and their pets. Our device lets dog owners convert an existing sliding glass door into a secure, app-controlled pet door in minutes, with no tools and no permanent damage.
  • Doga By YogaForce – Annie Appleby of YogaForce has taught DOGA for almost a decade with her little mascot, Madison. They have been feautured on NAT GEO and other upcoming TV Shows.

Have a Bay Area pet care startup that you’d like featured? Apply here.

7-7:30pm – Panel Discussion and Q&A 

What do pet care startups need and where can they turn to get those needs met? Learn from successful pet care founders, investors, and advisors in the space how entrepreneurs successfully get from being passionate about pets to earning a profit and scaling up in the $80B pet care industry.

Our panelists will be able to talk about how pet is similar to other startup spaces, why it can be different, how fundraising works, and what you can learn from others about succeeding in the $80 Billion pet care market.


  • Jun Axup – Scientific Director & Partner at IndieBio
  • Blair Morgan – Vice President, Innovation & Emerging Growth Group at Purina/9 Square Ventures
  • Carlton Osborne – President of AnimalBiome (2018 Pet Care Innovation Prize Winner)
  • Dan Reus – Pet Care Innovation Prize (moderator)
7:30—8:30pm – Networking