Interview: Kari Goodman of AnimalBiome and Dan Reus of the PCIP

During the Boot Camp for 2018 Pet Care Innovation Prize winners, AnimalBiome Founder Kari Goodman and Dan Reus of the Pet Care Innovation Prize got to talk with KMOX’s Michael Calhoun and Travis Sheridan on the Nothing Impossible show.

AnimalBiome is focused on the microbiome of our pets.  The microbiome is the ecosystem of microorganisms living in and on all living things – each individual has their own unique one, with all organisms being in balance for the individual to thrive.  Recent research is allowing innovators like AnimalBiome to develop services to bring balance to each pet’s microbiome. AnimalBiome’s research shows that this is an area of enormous potential and they’re developing the data, products and services to serve it.

The interview also covered why and how Purina sponsors the PCIP, what’s interesting about the pet care industry, and highlights many of the other companies that have won the Pet Care Innovation Prize since it launched in 2016. Listen to the whole episode here, or listen to the portion with Kari, Dan, Travis and Michael here:

AnimaBiome and the PCIP on KMOX’s Nothing Impossible 1.28.18

Listen to find out more about the amazing companies in both the first and second classes of the Pet Care Innovation Prize and how the PCIP and Purina work together to support early stage companies in pet care.