A Pup Above

A Pup Above

2021 PCIP Winner

Location: Austin, TX

Founders: Javier Marriott & Ruth Marriott

Website: apupabove.com

A Pup Above by GroceryPup makes fresh dog food that’s cooked sous-vide, a unique cooking method that makes meat extra tender and moist while also preserving nutrients. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients that are fully traceable back to the source, A Pup Above delivers on average 72% more protein than other leading gently cooked dog foods.

Unlike traditional dry kibble, A Pup Above can be taken out of the freezer and prepared fresh for each meal. Using farm-fresh ingredients, A Pup Above is made using the sous-vide slow-cooking process, which makes the meat extra tender and moist while reducing waste and preserving the nutrients. The menu of flavors includes Turkey Pawella, Porky’s Luau, Texas Beef Stew and Chicka Chicka Bow Wow.