Because, Animals.

Because, Animals.

2020 PCIP Winner

Location: Chicago, IL

Founders: Shannon Falconer, PhD & Joshua Errett, MBA


Because Animals is a small company with a big mission: To make the most sustainable and nutritious food for dogs and cats on the planet — without ever harming any animals or the environment.

We use all-natural, certified organic, human-grade ingredients including cultured ingredients such as probiotics and nutritional yeast.

We are also making cultured meat for your cats and dogs! Cultured meat is identical to traditional meat. It’s 100% meat! The only difference is our animal cells grow inside a fermenter (like beer!) instead of inside an animal.

By supporting Because Animals you will help reduce the carbon footprint of pet food and the raising of farm animals for slaughter. And, importantly, you’ll also be aiding in the creation of safer and more nutritious food for our pets.