San Francisco: Pet Tech, Bio Tech, and Entrepreneurship in the Pet Care Industry

The Pet Care Innovation Prize visited San Francisco in May 2019 to bring together the pet care startup ecosystem and see what companies there are working on.

Startups were working on pet apps, pet tech, pet food, pet pharma, media for pet parents, and more and included CleverPet, DogLog, GotYu, Okava Pharmaceuticals, Puppy Mama, and v-dog.

A spirited panel discussion followed, with topics including how to get started in pet care as a startup, pet tech, pet media, vegan pet food, and raising investment. Panelists included Jun Axup (IndieBio), Blair Morgan (Purina/9 Square Ventures), Carlton Osborne (AnimalBiome), Leo Trottier (CleverPet), and Dan Reus (Pet Care Innovation Prize). Scroll down to see the startups and the entire panel discussion: