Successful Pet Startups Join the PCIN

Pet Care Innovation Network - Powered by PurinaPet Care Innovation Prize (PCIP) winners get no-strings-attached cash, exposure at major industry events, business support, and more in the year that they win, but now the benefits continue year after year.

Past winners of the PCIP and some invited guests are participating in the brand new Pet Care Innovation Network (PCIN). In the PCIN, select pet care startups get ongoing business support, peer networking, and access to industry investors and influencers.

Here’s what a few PCIN members have to say about the Network:

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the inaugural class of the Pet Care Innovation Network! The people behind PCIN have been incredible over the last few years as FetchFind has grown, and we would not be where we are today without their unflagging support and sound advice.”

Jamie Migdal

Founder and CEO of FetchFind


“The PCIN members are all trying to disrupt the pet industry in different ways. That’s the common thread that connects us and leads to unanticipated collaborations.”

Erick Eidus

Founder of PupPod


“I love the community that is being built through PCIN, fostering relationships with industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. The access to insight, wisdom and ideas is invaluable.”

Dustin McAdams

Founder and CEO of PupJoy

The best way to join the PCIN is to win the Pet Care Innovation Prize. Get all the details at

Find out more about the Pet Care Innovation Network here.