Ewegurt – One Year Update From a 2017 PCIP Winner

Ewegurt Founder Jenifer Erdman in her booth at Pet Connections in Philadelphia, “a terrific show where we established new accounts with independent retailers.”

Ewegurt is a startup dedicated to providing functional treats made with sheep milk yogurt that promote relaxation in anxious pets as well as provide a probiotic for optimal health. The startup was a Winner of the first Pet Care Innovation Prize competition, winning $10,000, an all-expenses paid Pet Care Business Boot Camp for founder Jennifer Erdman, and visibility with investors and industry leaders.

The following is a recap discussion with Jennifer on what’s happened with Ewegurt since she traveled to St. Louis in November 2016 for the Pet Care Business Boot Camp.

What has happened with you and your company since the PCIP last year?
We have forged new relationships with independent pet stores and expanded our reach to Japan and potentially Guatemala next year.

How have your vision and company changed since last year?
The core values are the same. We are rounding out the brand with our smart device and have partnered with some amazing people.

What are your current opportunities, challenges and successes?
We are expanding the brand to include a smart device which we believe will round out the core values and structure of the brand. We will be launching our new smart device via kick-starter and then Global Pet Expo in March 2018.

What would you tell the next class of PCIP winners? Those thinking about applying?
It is the most amazing experience and I learned so much from our sponsor Purina.  The class will get a new appreciation of being an entrepreneur in the pet food industry and meeting amazing mentors and forging lasting friendships that will help in making their companies succeed in this industry.

How has winning the PCIP helped you?
It gave Ewegurt validation in the pet food industry.

Who would you like to give shoutouts to and why?
I would like to give a shout out to two PCIP Boot Camp mentors: Shawna Schuh for being a terrific coach and mentor and James von der Heydt for his invaluable insights into the pet food industry.  My customers’ testimonials are always inspiring because I hear how my products have made a difference in their fur kids lives as well as their lives.

What are your goals going into next year?
Launch our brand into the European market and go global with our new smart speaker than can be attached to a dog’s collar and will stream vibrational tones and music to help anxious dogs and cats.

What’s the most interesting thing to you about being an entrepreneur in the pet care industry?
Like Hilary said so wonderfully, we stand united in making a difference in the lives of our pets and the unique ways each PCIP winner is achieving it is truly awesome and inspiring.

Think you have an idea that the pet care industry needs, and that the Pet Care Innovation Prize can help you like it helped Jennifer? Send us a note at [email protected] to be notified for upcoming opportunities to get recognition and support as a pet care entrepreneur.