To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need allies, mentors and partners that understand your industry and can help you scale. The PCI Network gives you all that and more.

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Ready to join? Applying for the PCI Prize is the #1 way to become a Network member. The PCI Network members represent what’s new and what’s coming in the pet care industry.

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The PCI Network is the only peer-to-peer organization for innovative and high potential founders of scalable pet care businesses like you. Our community of entrepreneurs come together to share their experiences, build invaluable relationships and learn from the industry’s leading experts. By joining, you have the opportunity to:


With its Purina alliance, the PCI Network is the ideal place to navigate difficult business challenges, gain new wisdom, and strengthen your business’s likelihood for success.


Forge relationships with a network of like-minded founders who are insightful, collegial, inspirational, and committed to engaging with the community to create mutual success.


Benefit from the knowledge of industry experts and Purina executives to gain new perspectives and expand your idea of what’s possible at our events held throughout the year.

How to Join

The vast number of PCI Network members come through the PCI Prize, but PCI Network member companies can also nominate other qualifying startups for a limited number of membership slots. If you qualify for the PCI Network and know a Network member, ask them about a nomination. We’re looking for companies that are:

  • Founder operated
  • Scalable (realistic market potential of over $100M)
  • Already in operation in pet food/nutrition/consumables, tech, services, and other aligned areas
  • Operating in North America (although some members do business internationally as well)
  • Still raising capital with a growing team

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