5 Element Food Therapy

5 Element Food Therapy

Location: Oakland, CA

Founder: Sharon Felice

Website: 5elementfoodtherapy.com

5 Element Food Therapy is based on an ancient medical theory where the body is divided into 5 functional organ systems: Digestive, Respiratory, Immune, Kidneys and Cardiovascular. Each organ system is paired with an element in nature as well as certain combinations of food. Good health is maintained when the body is in balance.

Designed to be the most nutritious part of your pet’s daily meal, our fresh food toppers, yogurts and bone broths are wholesome, lubricating and hydrating while providing a boost of real nutrition using whole food as supplements to improve and maintain overall good health.

Our mission is to promote true nutrition in dogs and cats and eliminate chronic disease by feeding our pets combinations of foods that nourish their bodies.