2018 PCIP Winner

Location: SF Bay Area

Founders: Holly Ganz, PhD, Carlton Osborne & Alex Martin


AnimalBiome provides personalized health products and services rooted in the science of the microbiome to assess, restore, and maintain the gut health of cats and dogs. The health of the gut microbiome is associated with numerous long-term health conditions, including those of a digestive and skin nature that affect more than 60 million pets. Current treatments and medications target symptoms of these conditions; they provide only temporary relief and can cause long-term harm. AnimalBiome believes better solutions lie in supporting microbiome health. They have amassed the largest database of pet cat and dog microbiome samples in the world and leverage this database to create customized diet and supplement regimens to improve the gut health of cats and dogs.

Our microbiome tests use genetic sequencing to characterize the microbiome of individual pets. By comparing the sample to our proprietary healthy reference set, we can provide actionable insights for veterinarians and pet parents to make personalized changes in diet, including prebiotics and macronutrient ratios. The company also creates microbiome restorative supplements to support gut health and improve symptoms of microbiome-associated health conditions.