K9 Fit Club

K9 Fit Club

2017 PCIP Winner

Location: Founded in Chicago, IL, now based in St. Louis, MO

Founder: Tricia Montgomery

K9 Fit Club is the leader in human and canine fitness and health and wellness for people and their dogs, with innovative and science based workouts and programs that can be added to an existing pet business location or run as a stand-alone operation.

K9 Fit Club has opened our Flagship location in Saint Peters, MO. We are the “Orange Theory” of human and canine fitness, health and wellness. With over 50 locations across the US and Canada, 24 science-based programs for both people and dogs, and proprietary trademarked programs including NamaSitStay, Wagging Wheel Chair, Bow Wow Bootcamp and Tai Chi Wa Wa, people and their dogs are losing thousands of pounds with K9 Fit Club.

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