Kitty Sift

Kitty Sift

2021 PCIP Winner

Location: Eden Prairie, MN

Founder: Carrie Van Wert

Acquired by Worldwise, 2022

Kitty Sift by Creative Petworks LLC offers a convenient, healthy, sustainable alternative to the plastic litter box. Made from 100% compostable post-consumer recycled cardboard, Kitty Sift’s disposable sifting litter boxes and liners enable pet owners to ditch plastic alternatives for a more sanitary, eco-friendly solution that protects their kitty and the planet.

Kitty Sift Inventor Carrie Van Wert was volunteering at a local Humane Society when she learned that the #1 reason cats are abused and surrendered was due to litter misuse. A scooper for 30+ years, she knew there had to be a better way. Van Wert put her decades of experience in packaging production to use and invented an eco-friendly litter box that also eliminated the need for scooping with its patented sifting liners.