Location: Lincoln, NE

Founder: Lizz Whitacre


Pawlytics is building the world’s largest database of companion animal data that unifies each pet’s record using the microchip number. Pet professionals such as animal shelter staff, veterinarians, groomers, and trainers will use their profession’s specific Pawlytics’ software interface to access, read, and append data to the pet’s record. Through integration partnerships with complimentary products generating their own pet data, such as other softwares, smart pet wearables, pet medical devices, pet owner apps, and pet retailers, Pawlytics can provide additional insights and context to accurately tell every pet’s story and, in aggregate, provide insights to pet innovation leaders to progress the market to strengthen and improve the human-animal bond. The Pawlytics ecosystem will allow all pet related businesses to share and collect data on their customers to provide more individualized products and care.

To accomplish this, today Pawlytics is capturing a mass amount of microchipped pet records through our animal rescue software that is in market. Animal rescues use Pawlytics software to help them centralize their pet and person data and automate repetitive tasks. Rescues consistently choose Pawlytics over long standing incumbents in the space due to its ease of use, price point, and expert team of customer service providers who have worked in the space. The Pawlytics team’s combined expertise in data, animal welfare, user experience, and animal health has allowed us to bring a lean product to the animal rescue market that helps solve for the supply and demand and supply chain inefficiencies in their space.