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Meet the innovative companies in the Pet Care Innovation Network.


AnimalBiome provides non-invasive diagnostics and microbiome restoration for healthier pets.

Bar K

Dog park, bar, restaurant, coffeehouse and event space.

Barkly Pets Logo

Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets is an app-based dog walking service with the highest vetting, training, and safety standards.

Basepaws Logo


Basepaws is building a DNA testing platform for cats, starting with the CatKit – the world’s first at-home feline DNA test.

Because Animals

Because Animals

Because Animals uses cultured ingredients such as probiotics, nutritional yeast and cultured meat to create nutritious pet food without harming other animals or the planet.

bioDOGradable Bags

bioDOGradable Bags aims to reduce current plastic pollution and prevent future pollution by providing their alternative to plastic products.

Bond Pet Foods

Bond Pet Foods

Bond is working with biotechnology to make pet food from animal protein like chicken, turkey and beef, without the animal.


CleverPet develops interfaces that broaden the connection between humans and the animals they care for.


Our hi-tech doghouse, the DogSpot makes any place a dog friendly destination.

Ewegurt Logo


Ewegurt’s treats and toppers are all natural stress reducers for anxious dogs made with a proprietary blend of sheep milk yogurt, protein, vegetables and fruit.

FetchFind Logo


FetchFind provides staff training and engagement and other business solutions to pet care service and pet-friendly companies around the globe.


GuardianVets is a leading telehealth platform that allows veterinary practices to offer continuous client care.

K9 Fit Club Logo

K9 Fit Club

K9 Fit Club is the leader in human and canine fitness and health and wellness for people and their dogs, with innovative science-based workouts and programs.

Lacuna Diagnostics

Lacuna Diagnostics

Lacuna Diagnostics is diagnosing cancer and infection at the speed of digital. We decrease the wait times so pets are diagnosed and treated faster.


NewRoad Foods

NewRoad Foods is a trail-blazing canine nutrition company specializing in human-grade kibble that’s baked to order and delivered fresh.

Obe Logo


Obe is here to keep your pet healthy and happy.


PetHospice offers in-home palliative care, hospice and euthanasia, nationwide telehealth services, grief counseling, free education, and a professionally moderated community.


PlayDate’s smart ball lets you chase your dog or cat around even when you’re away!

Primal Health

Primal Health is a biotechnology company focused on developing microbiome-based, prebiotic dental care solutions for humans and animals.

PupJoy Logo


PupJoy is the #1 rated subscription service, custom-tailored for dog parents. PupJoy offers a personalized e-commerce model and gift programs for businesses.

PupPod Logo


Software-driven dog toys with games that get harder as your dog gets smarter.

Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets works to reduce the environmental impact of pet food through their nutritional, upcycled treats.



SpotOn is a ride-hailing service for pets and the people who love them.

Whole Life Pet Logo

Whole Life Pet

Human grade, hand crafted freeze dried treats, food and toppers for dogs and cats.